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Simple Law Firm Phone Script to Sign More Clients - DustinSanchezTV

Published on Mar 3, 2017
See script here -
lack of phone answering skills are losing clients every day. Here is a
simple incoming phone call script / hack to help you...
(1) Sign More Clients
(3) Become the lawyer in someone's life

Step 1 - Always begin every phone call by Identifying Yourself...

"Hello, this is _______, at the ___________ Law Office, We help clients who are in need of _____________ representation."

This simple sentence tells the caller who you are, who you help, and how you help them.

Step 2 - Get the message, and ask for the "best call-back number"

Step 3 - The Magic Phrase....

Ask for the email...

"Sometimes Jenny likes to follow up with an email. DO YOU HAVE A GOOD EMAIL ADDRESS FOR HER?"

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Hey just thought I'd leave all these free videos about lawyer marketing on my blog. Scroll down to read the article, and to watch my lawyer marketing vids...don't bother clicking the video below...because it's just an image of a video and not actually a video. The real videos are embedded below...

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