Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Help Potential Customers Find Your BEST Online Reviews

Most people are lazy.

I'm not a jerk, that's just the world we live in.

Most people will not research you online before making a buying decision.

The people who do research you online, are not going to dig very far.


Online Reviews - Make them easy to find.

Most people who try to find your reviews online are going to start with Google.

They will do a Google search for "Your Company Name Reviews"

Method 1 - Your Own Website


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Dedicated Review Page

Make a page on your website that has this URL structure domainname.com/reviews, or domainname.com/testimonials

Title it: Company Name - Reviews and Testimonials (see my meta-titles above).

You will also want to link to this inner page from your home page and a few of your web2.0 properties.

That will help this page rank first in the Google search results when someone is looking for your reviews.

Additionally, when someone asks for references or client reviews, just point them to this page.

Your Home Page

Additionally, you can embed your best reviews on your home page.

Most potential clients only need to see a few reviews before they give up their search, so you can stop them from searching at all by just embedding a few reviews on your home page.

Create A Review Video

Create a video of you talking to a camera about your reviews. You can do a side by side screen share, read a few 5-Star reviews, talk about the particular client or how you helped them. Maybe even go to their website or profile that they used to review you.

This works even better if you actually have footage of the client talking. 2-3 live clients talking would increase conversion and end anyone's search for your reviews.

The video above shows me interviewing Trademark Attorney Angela Langlotz. We are on a side-by-side screen.

You can easily make a video like this using a software called https://belive.tv/

All you do is send your client a link and they can participate in your interview using a phone or cam.

Angela did not give me a review here (she is not a client), but I could have easily just asked her for a quick character reference or testimonial and it would have been much more trust worthy than a written review or me reading her review of my business. 

Upload this video to YouTube

Upload this video to YouTube, title it "Company Name - Reviews & Testimonials from Actual Client."

In the video description insert the URL to your review page.

Throw a few backlinks at the video and a little bit of social (try $5/day on Facebook for a week).

Go on YouTube and buy 1,000-2,000 views for the video (should cost around $20-$30).

You just want this video to rank on Page One when someone does a google search for your reviews (which should be a low competition keyword anyway).

Also embed this YouTube video on your home page, review page, or both.

You can also share the YouTube video on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and embed it on any web2.0 sites that allow YT embeds. 

You can also upload this mp4 file to Facebook and upload the mp4 file to LinkedIn, and use it as a video on either of those pages in case someone looks for your reviews there.

The Facebook video can also be embedded on your website or anywhere that takes iframes / html (see below).

More Web2.0

Most people just are not going to look past page one of Google for your reviews.

If needed, you can build web2.0 profiles just to display your reviews.


profile name: dustinsanchezreviews.blogger.com 
meta-title: Reviews of Dustin Sanchez
content: embed reviews, videos, facebook posts

weebly ranks good for this, so does wordpress.com, and if you look at the first image in this post, you can see that I ranked at leadpages.co page on page one.

I actually created that page to rank for "Billy Gene Is Marketing Review," and it is on page one for that search, but it also ranks for "dustin sanchez review," so it just shows that these web2.0s will rank easily for your reviews and you can take up the entire page one with properties that you own showing your best reviews.

Super Black-Hat

You can take this thing even further and go register something like companynamereviews.io, or lawfirmnamereview.lawyer, put your video and best reviews on there and those can easily rank.